Notice form to report inappropriate operation or misconduct

Audiovisual Producers Finland APFI’s member companies have committed in their operations to respect employer’s statutory obligations and APFI’s code of conduct. 

You can use this form to report if APFI’s member company has failed to follow these obligations or has not taken action after being reported harassment, inappropriate behaviour or other misconduct. 

All notifications are directed only to APFI’s executive director. All contacts are treated confidentially, and the privacy of both the whistleblower and the alleged wrongdoer is protected. The information will be saved only for the purpose of handling the matter and won’t be passed on to any other parties.  

The reporting channel has been set up so that the whistleblower cannot be identified if she/he/they wants to give the feedback anonymously. However, if you prefer, you can leave your contact details in order to ease the process and provide additional information. 

(Scroll down the form to see rest of the questions.)


+358 50 3450 056
Laura Kuulasmaa Executive Director