Notice form to report inappropriate operation or misconduct

The member companies of Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI ry are committed to complying with the employer’s statutory obligations and APFI’s code of conduct in their actions. According to these, member companies are i.a. committed to respect the value of all individuals and will not tolerate any kind of sexual or other discrimination, harassment, or insults.

Possible cases of abuse or harassment should be resolved primarily through one’s own employer. You can use this form (see below) to report if our member company has not followed our operating principles or has failed to intervene in harassment, inappropriate behaviour, or other abuses. APFI and its member companies consider it important that possible grievances can be dealt with at an early stage and that the culture of silence would finally end.

All observations given through this form will be forwarded only to the executive director of APFI.

  • Each report is treated confidentially and protect the privacy of the person making the report and the subject of the report.
  • Data is stored for processing only and is not passed on to other parties.
  • The report can also be submitted anonymously.
  • If you wish, you can provide your contact information to facilitate the handling of the matter and for possible additional information.
  • Even when the notifier leaves their contact information, the notifier will separately be ensured whether their identity can be brought up when handling the matter.

If you encounter inappropriate behaviour or harassment at the workplace, or in situations related to work or recruitment, report the matter primarily in accordance with your own company-specific process. If the matter is not resolved this way, contact the following parties:

  • your supervisor, supervisor’s supervisor, harasser’s supervisor, HR
  • occupational health care, occupational health and safety representative, employee representative
  • your trade union
  • for APFI member companies, APFI’s notification form
  • notification channels of subscriber companies
  • Yle
  • Nelonen
  • MTV -> Scroll down to “Ilmoita väärinkäytöksestä”  whistleblowing
  • Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Elisa
  • if your employer won’t act to stop the harassment or the implemented measures have had no avail, you can ask for help from the occupational safety and health authority of the Regional Administration. The national helpline number is 0295 016 620.
  • you can also ask for help from the Ombudsman for Equality
  • when suspecting a crime, always contact the police.

Information and support for situations involving harassment can also be found in the guide “Guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment in the film and TV industry (in Finnish)”. An updated and translated version will be published in the spring 2024. APFI’s Avaus -responsibility project will also organize harassment prevention training for employers and employees during the spring and fall of 2024.

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Laura Kuulasmaa Executive Director