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Sustainable production in Finland


Note: similar trainings are held by the albert UK team, the international albert trainings are found here.

The purpose of the Finnish albert online training is to introduce the concept of a more ecological way of working in the film and tv industry. It will be discussed what is meant by a sustainable audiovisual industry in general and how the industry should change.  The training is about production culture and instead of focusing on individual productions, the topic will be discussed in a wider perspective both in Finland and internationally, not to mention the choices of individuals. 

Please note: the Finnish trainings are mainly for English speaking residents in Finland and for non-Finnish people who work with Finnish productions.

Please, register for the event by clicking the link above. Should you have any questions, please use the registration form, or do not hesitate to contact Participants will be sent a Zoom link latest by a few days prior to the event. The event will not be recorded, and the materials will not be distributed afterwards.

What is albert?

Albert is a UK-based toolkit built for the film and TV industry. It provides professionals with free tools to estimate the carbon footprint of a production and the possibility to obtain the sustainable production certificate. Free training is also available and as a proof of completing the training, a certification logo will be sent to the participant and it is meant solely for personal use. APFI manages the albert-system in Finland and its national launch is a part of the Strategy on Sustainability for the film and TV industry.


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Sustainability trainings (albert)

The purpose of Albert environmental training is to acquaint audiovisual professionals with the concept of a sustainable production.