Need help to develop your screenplay with script doctor professional?

We are seeking for live-action feature film OR fiction series projects to join our SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (already VOL 3!). 
The max. three (3) selected script projects will have one-on-one consultations from script consultant Ann Igelström. Ann will help you to polish your final concept and help you along the writing process, giving feedback and coaching a total of five times during the course of 5-6 months.

The screenwriter (or team of screenwriters or producer-screenwriter team) will meet script consultant (online) approx. once a month, starting from September. Between these meetings team will develop the concept until it’s ready and then start to write the script. By the end of this project our intention is that the script will be ready or at least nearly finished. 

Who can apply?
APFI member companies.
The recommendation is that the concept would be nearly finished but you have not started your writing process yet. We wish that your story is an original idea, not an adaptation and it also should be an internationally interesting story.

Three (3) fiction projects will be selected. Meetings with consultant start in September and they can last until February 2024. Consultations are free of charge. The material submitted needs to be done in English, so please submit your application with attachments in English.

The application period is open until September 1st. 

You can apply for the project HERE 




Dr Ann Igelstrom is an Edinburgh based Swedish script consultant, researcher and guest lecturer whose love for the screenplay began with a simple question: how does a script convey the story and create an emotional connection to the reader in its constricted format? The search for an answer led her to work as a script reader as well as researching screenplays in an academic setting. As a script consultant Ann’s approach is to be part of the journey, dive deep into the story and help the writer fulfil and communicate their vision. 

Ann is highly recommended by our script development project participants! 

More information:

Project Manager
Vera Ruokonen
+358 44 540 3123