Film Equipment Hire

Rental houses operate as one-stop shops, so in addition to equipment, they offer stages, crew (skilled technicians), transportation, etc.

Rental companies have tight connections to neighbouring countries and equipment is consistently sub rented and moved around.

Industry standard cameras, lenses, grip, lighting equipment are all available.

Main Rental Houses

Angel Films

In addition to filming equipment, Angel Films has two sound stages in Helsinki. Angel Films and Swedish Dagsljus form the pan Nordic film & TV rental chain NSR Scandinavia group.


Valofirma also has three studios in Helsinki in addition to filming equipment. They have an online rental store, and they also provide professional crew.

Kinos Rentals

Kinos Rentals is a full-service cine rental house in Helsinki, that provides complete solutions of professional tools and service for your production. Kinos Rentals catalog includes cameras, lighting equipment, location sound gear, grip tools, crew rent service, production vehicles, 300m2 studio and an experienced crew to support your project every step of the way. Kinos Rentals is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for a sustainable and environmentally-conscious filmmaking experience.


Wacky Tie Films

Located in the city of Tampere, Wacky Tie Films offers a collection of professional audiovisual equipment. 

Bottomland Productions

Also located in the city of Tampere, Bottomland Productions offers a collection of professional audiovisual equipment. 

Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda

In addition to filming equipment rental services, Legenda is a full service production and post-production company located in the city of Tampere. 

Aku’s Factory

Aku’s Factory is a full service event production company in the city of Tampere. They also offer a collection of professional audiovisual equipment.