Recommended Production Service Companies

Film Service Finland

Film Service Finland offers comprehensive production services as well as location photos via their website.
Contact: Timo, +358 40 707 9619


Woodpecker offers production services as well as locations for film and TV productions of all sizes. It also acts as Truenorth‘s official partner in Finland.
Contact: Jukka Valtanen,, +358 40 304 0409

GrilliFilms/Pure Scandinavia 

Pure Scandinavia is the full-scale production service company based in Helsinki and it’s owned by commercial production company GrilliFilms. They offer a location photo database on their website.
Contact: Hanna, +358 40 031 4418


Helsinki-filmi is one of the most established production companies in Finland. They have been working with many international films along the years.
Contact: Aleksi Bardy, 

Lucy Loves/Münchhausen Productions

Lucy Loves’ production service company Münchhausen offers full-scale production services across Finland, the Baltics and Spain.
Contact: Oskari, +358 50 325 3353  


In addition to production services Rawland also offers a location photo database on their website.
Contact: Niko, +358 40 500 3892

Yellow Film & TV

Yellow Film & TV is the biggest indie production company in the Nordics but they also offer production services. They are the company behind ARCTIC CIRCLE, one of the more notable TV co-productions.
Contact: Heidi Laitinen,

Snapper Films

Snapper Films offers production services in Finland and anywhere else in the Nordic countries as well as in the Baltics. With the high track record of international production service references and know-how of working with snow and ice in the subzero Nordic conditions. Provided production services include, for example, location scouting, shooting permits, accommodation, transportation services, recruiting local crew, casting and hiring talent.
Office in Helsinki and L.A.
Contact: Juha Wuolijoki,

Mutant Koala Pictures

Based in the city of Oulu (Northern Finland) Mutant Koala Pictures offers full-scale production services for any type of production from feature films to commercials. They also rent out camera and lighting equipment and help out finding local crew.
Contact:, +358 44 333 0181

Flatlight Creative House

Flatlight Creative House offers a broad range of production services. Based in the city of Rovaniemi (Northern Finland) they have local knowledge that extends to every corner of the far North.
Contact: Maria Gullsten,, +358 400 730 440

Inland Film Company

Inland Film Company offers production services for commercials, films and television productions.
Contact: Klaus Heydemann,, +358 400 279 255