Post-Production and VFX

James Post

James Post is a full-service post-production company in Helsinki, Finland. They are specialised in TV-drama series, feature films, commercials and international co-productions.  James Post is a member of Totalpost Finland -consortium.  (
Contact: Petteri Linnus,, +358 50 911 0061 

Post Control Helsinki 

Post Control Helsinki brands itself as a high-end post production house. They do commercials, features, documentaries, music videos and TV.
Contact: Toni Valla,, +358 50 300 0224

Toast Post

Toast Post is a full service post-production house.
Contact: Veikko Ruuskanen,, +358 50 375 5971 

Troll VFX

Troll VFX is the only company in Finland which is purely VFX-based.
Contact: Antti Kulmala,, +358 40 081 9385

Filmgate Finland

The Finnish branch of the internationally renowned Filmgate Films provides VFX and post-production services. Contact: Jupe Louhelainen,, +358 40 509 0559

White Point

White Point is focused on color grading and VFX.
Contact: Aleksis Pillai,, +358 40 571 3157 

Grade One 

Grade One is a post-production company specializing in color grading. They also offer full post-production management as either an in-house provider or through their associate partners. The company’s focus is on commercials, feature films, documentaries and TV series among many others.
Contact: Mikko Savinainen,, +358 40 903 0646  or Petri Falkenberg,, +358 50 356 6133


Piñata is an animation and illustration studio based in the city of Helsinki. They create quality content for TV, print, web and mobile.
Contact: Sari Tani,, +358 40 572 7732


Cocoa is a full service production and post-production company. They also offer production service and sound design, music and licensing.
Contact: Anton Molander,, +358 50 346 1321


Boutique is an animation and design studio based in the city of Helsinki and it is the sister company of Cocoa and Flc. Boutique produces high quality motion across all screens and media, combining an eye for design with outstanding animation expertise and creative direction. 
Contact: Misha Lagerstedt,, +358 50 449 3443. 




Kalevalastudio is a studio group based in the city of Helsinki. They do everything from sound designing and location recording to composing music and post-production. They also offer film equipment rental.
Contact: Sami Sarhamaa,, +358 400 408 114


Meguru film sound offers services in all areas of film sound production. They work with films, commercials and TV.
Contact: Olli Pärnänen,, +358 50 569 5580