Finland’s National Production Incentive


The national production incentive is administered by Business Finland, and is a maximum 25% cash rebate for production costs in Finland. This is intended to increase international interest in Finland as a production location and to promote the development, growth, and internationalization of Finnish companies.

Minimum requirements for funding

Eligible costs

  • Purchases or goods and services and the rental of equipment and facilities for production purposes from companies liable to pay tax in Finland
  • Salaries subject to withholding tax, paid to employees who are liable to pay income tax in Finland

 Criteria in a nutshell

  • Distribution agreement for one platform and one territory
  • Participation of a Finnish production coordinator company or a Finnish co-producer
  • Involvement of Finnish artistic or creative expertise or depiction of Finnish landscape or architecture
  • At least 15 % of funding for the overall production budget must come from outside Finland


  • Decision within 40 days
  • Payment in 3 weeks
  • Payments possible during production in Finland
  • First come, first served basis starting from January
  • A foreign company does not have to register in Finland
  • Content that was filmed abroad is eligible to apply for a rebate for post-production costs in Finland


More information and applications:

Several regional film commissions also offer local incentives. For a summary of all incentives and regional contacts, please visit: