Coming Up in Autumn 2020

APFI järjestää syksyllä 2020 useita hankkeita, jotka tähtäävät kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan kehittämiseen. Jokaisesta hankkeesta lähetetään erillinen kutsu ja ilmoittautumislinkki lähempänä ajankohtaa.


20.8.2020 |  14.30–15.15 EEST

Broadcaster Briefing Germany with Frank Seyberth (ZDF)

30 min Broadcaster Briefing + 15 mins Q&A with Frank Seyberth, Commissioner Series and International Co-Productions ZDF on Thursday 20th August at 13:30 CEST / 14:30 Helsinki time.


Packaging consultancy with WOLF Consultants Vol.2 

APFI will bring back the packaging consultancy with Berlin based WOLF Consultants. Last year 5 production companies were selected to work with WOLF to upgrade their development slate.

Another 5 production companies with 3 early-stage-projects on their slate (fiction film, tv-drama or documentary) can apply for the consultancy. With WOLF the production companies will work with their marketing/sales materials of the projects, including pitch decks, key images, sizzle reels etc.

APFI will also give a grant of 800–1.000€ to each project to be used for design, translation or photography of the marketing/sales materials.

The packaging consultancy initiative is supported by Ministry of Education and Culture. Call for projects opens in August.

More information:

Project Manager

Olli Nurminen (on summer vacation July 20th – August 10th)

+358 40 146 8210


Webinar: UK Scripted Commissioners, early September

Our next webinar with Franklin Rae presents UK scripted commissioners and producers. In the latest webinar in June we learned what type of content British factual and entertainment commissioners and sales agents are looking for, and some practical examples how to get prepared before contacting potential buyers. In the next webinar we’ll take the angle of scripted content acquisition.

Speakers and date TBC.


How to Enter and Operate Successfully in the UK Audiovisual Market -consultancy

APFI and Franklin Rae will organize together a UK consulting / trade mission in September–December 2020. The aim is to provide insight and learnings to members on marketing and comms to support the launch or commission of new and / or existing content, both scripted and non-scripted, with a focus on major English language TV markets.

The consultancy package will be built around the specific needs of the selected production companies and can include services from matchmaking with suitable partners in the UK market to consultation of the marketing and sales material.

Call for APFI member production companies opens in mid-August.

More information:

Project Manager

Heli Vahvanen-Mölsä (on summer vacation June 6th – August 16th)

+358 50 491 1786


Attracting and Working Successfully with International Productions and Co-productions – 2-day ‘socially-distanced’ workshop with Nick O’Hagan (UK) 

The workshop is about more than just great locations and incentives. Understanding the expectations and requirements of the International company in all areas of a production is key. The importance of clear, compatible Financial, Business and Legal procedures should not be underestimated. 

UK-based producer Nick O’Hagan (The GreatThe Good Liar) will provide a deeper understanding of the specified expectations and requirements are when servicing or co-producing with international projects.