Broadcaster Briefing Germany with Frank Seyberth (ZDF)


20.8.2020 |  14.30–15.15 EEST

30 min Broadcaster Briefing + 15 mins Q&A with Frank Seyberth, Commissioner Series and International Co-Productions ZDF on Thursday 20th August at 13:30 CEST / 14:30 Helsinki time.

Frank Seyberth is an executive producer at ZDF within the department that is overseeing the international fiction programs for all entities and channels of the ZDF group. He is focusing on international co-productions mainly for the second prime time but also commissioning shows at ZDFneo and event programmes for the primetime. He was responsible for shows such as The Bridge, Trapped, Beck, Undercover and La Zona.

Before joining ZDF, he worked for different Publishing Houses, Cultural Institutes and Film festivals. At ZDF he started 2001 at the highly acclaimed night slot for emerging directors (“Das kleine Fernsehspiel”), followed in 2011 developing a new digital channel (“ZDF.Kultur”).

He is involved in the strategy development of the department and is also a member of the European Alliance between RAI, FTV and ZDF.

The briefing is organized by Creatives Loop and is part of  The Virtual Trade Mission Germany. This briefing is open to APFI members and all production professionals; invitation with a registration link will be sent in the beginning of August.

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